Before you ask, love starts at the top of the hill
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1. Is the Ski Team the same as the Ski Club?

No, we are a separate organization eniterly. We are affiliated with The Ohio State University through the RPAC. We give our members an opportunity to ski and board at Mad River Mountain and Snow Trails with discounted passes. We also provide an opportunity to race alongside your friends and other universities. Ski Club is not officially affiliated in any capacity.

Also, see this 1870 Mag article about the subject.

2. Do I have to know how to ski or snowboard to join?

Absolutely not! You are not required to have any prior skiing or snowboarding ability. Our main goal is to get as many people out on the mountain shredding the gnar and enjoying the sport we love.

3. Where do you guys shred and race?

We primarily go to Snow Trails in Mansfield, Ohio and Mad River Mountain in Valley Hi, Ohio. We race at Snow Trails and usually have multiple out-of-state races at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, Xichigan and Marquette Mountain in Marquette, Xichigan.

3. How do I get to the mountain if I don't have a car?

Once the mountains open for the Winter season, we will send out a rideshare form for people to fill out.

4. Can I join the team without being required to race?

For sure! While we strongly recommend at least trying to race, it is definitely not a requirement to be a part of the team. Most racers had little or no experience on a race course before joining the team.

5. What time of year are you guys accepting new members?

All year round, but it's best to get on the email list as soon as possible for all the details on racing, winter trip, and other events.

6. How are officers chosen?

At the end of each year, those that nominate themselves are democratically elected by the members of the team.